17 February 2011

User Names for Followers

Please choose an appropriate user name and one which enables me - your teacher- to recognize who you are.  You may use the code name you gave me at the start of the year, an obvious nickname, your first name or your school user name (eg10bloggsj).

Thank you.

8 February 2011


This topic certainly got you (and your parents) talking. 

DANIEL WROTE: BBC Newsround shouldn’t really use vulgar language like farts because on the Internet anyone can see that news story from a 1 year old to a 100 year old (if they know how to use a computer).
I think they should just stick to saying trumps instead of fart. I think they only use fart because people find it funny but what if a 3 year old sees it and decides to keep saying it. It could land him deep trouble with his parents or other people.

WILLIAM'S MUM HAD THIS TO SAY: I was very disappointed to learn that this type of  inappropriate language was used on  a website aimed at children.  I hope that this was a one off incident and I would welcome assurances from the BBC that this lapse in editorial standards will not happen again.

TOM SAID: My grandpa thinks that he does not approve of it and it is disgusting. I think the same as that. But  some programmes on TV need vulgar language in it  like comedy. They need it to make their TV programmes sound good and funny. But on the other hand some programmes should not be using it, like the news.


Last Tuesday  lunchtime (1st February), 24 Year 7 students took part in a most enjoyable and very close ‘Spelling Bee’. Four students represented each Tutor group, following a series of practice sessions in form time After three difficult rounds, involving some complex words in front of the supporting audience, 7C came out on top with 29 points. Special mention goes to the winning team of Tom , Livi  Lauren  and Jessica. Well done to all who took part.

1st: 7C;
2nd: 7B;
3rd: 7N;
4th: 7S;
5th: 7H;
6th: 7R.

A team of CHAMPION spellers will now be selected to enter the ‘Times National Spelling Bee’ later  in the year.

Two of our winning contestants.
SPECIAL THANKS MUST GO TO Mr Bailey, HEAD OF YEAR 7 for organising this most enjoyable event. (Yes, spelling can be fun!)

7 February 2011


THANK YOU 7K1 for searching out interesting blogs to recommend. You will see I have listed some of them  in the sidebar on the left.   7J1, you are welcome to e-mail me a link to any you feel should be added.  Remember, the blog should be suitable for pupils your age and likely to be of interest to us so check it out before sending me a link.

So far I have had to reject some suggestions because they are about alcohol; playing hockey in the USA, or too difficult for me to understand, never mind you:(

TRY SEARCHING USING www.blogsearch.google.com

Thanks for your help.

6 February 2011

Ms Cox Loves Analogies

She thinks the pupils in the corridors are rather like cars on the road and so she insists on them "parking" properly outside her classroom.  If she finds them "double parked" she shunts them to the back of the queue.

7K1 spend two lessons exploring and developing the analogy.  Check out their creativity below.

4 February 2011



Now that we have begun experimenting with blogging for homework, it's probably time we tried a more professional approach.  Let's share what we do in school and for homework with parents and friends by keeping an online diary for recording our news and views (a blog).  Make sure you have created a Google identity by creating a gmail account, so you can be a guest blogger and post comments.

Ms Cox