6 February 2011

Ms Cox Loves Analogies

She thinks the pupils in the corridors are rather like cars on the road and so she insists on them "parking" properly outside her classroom.  If she finds them "double parked" she shunts them to the back of the queue.

7K1 spend two lessons exploring and developing the analogy.  Check out their creativity below.


  1. cool pictures
    and a lot of people push past me in school they should be careful

  2. Hopefully Ms Cox won't give us Parking tickets and make us pay! Is this an analogie: that people are chess pieces being methodically moved throughout our life?

  3. Wow, very deep, Tom. Good analogy - or metaphor.

  4. I like the pictures and think they should be put up around school (They probably are but I can
    't see them)

    Adam Todd - 7K1 2011/12


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