8 February 2011


Last Tuesday  lunchtime (1st February), 24 Year 7 students took part in a most enjoyable and very close ‘Spelling Bee’. Four students represented each Tutor group, following a series of practice sessions in form time After three difficult rounds, involving some complex words in front of the supporting audience, 7C came out on top with 29 points. Special mention goes to the winning team of Tom , Livi  Lauren  and Jessica. Well done to all who took part.

1st: 7C;
2nd: 7B;
3rd: 7N;
4th: 7S;
5th: 7H;
6th: 7R.

A team of CHAMPION spellers will now be selected to enter the ‘Times National Spelling Bee’ later  in the year.

Two of our winning contestants.
SPECIAL THANKS MUST GO TO Mr Bailey, HEAD OF YEAR 7 for organising this most enjoyable event. (Yes, spelling can be fun!)

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  1. I love the fact the form i am in came 5th, Well done to Jess, Livi, Lauren and Tom for coming 1st


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