8 February 2011


This topic certainly got you (and your parents) talking. 

DANIEL WROTE: BBC Newsround shouldn’t really use vulgar language like farts because on the Internet anyone can see that news story from a 1 year old to a 100 year old (if they know how to use a computer).
I think they should just stick to saying trumps instead of fart. I think they only use fart because people find it funny but what if a 3 year old sees it and decides to keep saying it. It could land him deep trouble with his parents or other people.

WILLIAM'S MUM HAD THIS TO SAY: I was very disappointed to learn that this type of  inappropriate language was used on  a website aimed at children.  I hope that this was a one off incident and I would welcome assurances from the BBC that this lapse in editorial standards will not happen again.

TOM SAID: My grandpa thinks that he does not approve of it and it is disgusting. I think the same as that. But  some programmes on TV need vulgar language in it  like comedy. They need it to make their TV programmes sound good and funny. But on the other hand some programmes should not be using it, like the news.


  1. Its a very Graphic Picture! I like all the comments from Parents.

  2. My dad thinks that vulgar language is bad but he uses it like everyone does! Cool picture too!! :):)


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