31 March 2011


Congratulations to Kajol on a star performance this week.

30 March 2011


I don't know about you but I like Zondle already - after just a few days experimenting with it.  The good news is that it can only get better.   You might have noticed the word beta next to the name Zondle.  This means the site is under development but has been made available to the public to test out the various feaures.  So, I sent the creators a link to the  comments on the games you trialled for homework, which they found very helpful. Apparently they have already realised that many students would welcome  instructions for some of the games, and this feature is on a long list of imrovements they intend to make over the next few months.


Congratulations to Will and Olivia for their impressive homework this week.

27 March 2011


Please watch this video and then register with Zondle.

Find my class (search for mscoxenglish) and play the two activities I have made so far.  Remember to leave a comment so we know which you prefer.

20 March 2011

Gothic Horror

Year 7 have been studying and writing gothic horror.
7K1 studied an extract from "The Red Room by HG Wells and demonstrated their understanding by drawing the room - using the author's description.
Below are Hinesh and Hannah's interpretations.

7K1 and 7J1 enjoyed finding out about Mackenzie's Poltergeist - and particularly like the video we watched on You Tube.  This led  to pupils using a story mountain as a tool for planning an effective story of their own.

Check out Mollie's below.

19 March 2011


If, like William, you have been unable to make a fridge magnet because you couldn't find the site, FOLLOW THIS LINK

17 March 2011

Try out Habeeba's Fridge Magnet Activity

A Warm Welcome To Parents

Now that we have invited parents to view our blog via e- mails written during a recent lesson or for homework,
we wonder who the first parent visitor will be and, indeed, what all our visitors think of our blog.  Please leave a comment (If you sign in as anonymous, do tell us who you are in the body of your post).  We look forward to your feedback and to sharing more of our work with you in the coming weeks.

9 March 2011



As a school community we read over one million words during morning registration.

Students, support staff, teachers, teaching assistants and School Meals Staff joined together and read 1000 words each from the pack of resources our Librarian, Mrs Harwood, put together for us.

The selection of short stories, extracts and opening chapters from books ensured a peaceful start to the day and some real success stories. The biggest success, literally, was the actual number of words we read (1,140,679) but what made the event really worthwhile was the number of people - students and adults- who sought out the complete story from the library after being hooked by the extract.

8 March 2011

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3 March 2011

Mini Saga 2

Not so hot off the press. Sorry, Liam.

Fuel in and he’s off. Liam McNulty takes an early lead in the Monaco Grand Prix. With an excellent lap time of one minute, McNulty is surely favourite to win. “Out of credit - pay £1 to continue.”


Produced by a year 9 student last year and spotted by me as I deleted old e-mails. Sorry for the delay Sarah.

Tom collected his £100 from the cash machine. As he turned around he noticed passers by smirking at him. They want my money, he thought. His hands started to sweat, his knees started to wobble and a shiver ran up his legs; His pants had fallen down.