8 March 2011

Welcome To Our Latest Followers

Please choose an icon or make and upload your own avatar. Try making one here:

Here is one I made earlier.

Alternatively, if you are a Simpsons' fan try this site:

Message to 7K1: You can save your Simpsons' avatar as a jpg. Click on the download arrow and then choose "save as  jpg" which is right at the top of the box that appears.

Some girls might enjoy this site: blessthischick

Finally, you might like to WIMP YOURSELF!


  1. the simspons is amazing i create my avatar, who looked a bit weird

  2. thats cool i can make one that hopefully looks like me

  3. The create an avatar is cool because you can make it look however you want.

  4. It is cool when you create an avatar because you can make it look a bit like you and the simpson one is also cool cause you can make a funnier looking version of yourself


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