25 April 2011


For many pupils English homework in 2011 was rather different than usual.  They were asked to write one blog post each week on a topic of their choosing for the entire half term.  Here is just a small selection of some of the fabulous entries.  Can you detect the recurring theme in the first three?

Sitting here right now, I honestly don’t have a clue what to talk about. I could talk all day about gossip, trampolining, my pets and all the normal everyday stuff. So i decided to write about this…

My new pet budgie… Pip.
You're probably thinking why on earth would you want a budgie? Or why would you want a bird? The reason I got a budgie was because i wanted a pet of my own something like a hamster or gerbil, not just the family dog. But mum said hamsters and gerbils were smelly, dirty and hard work! But they’re not…What do you think? Anyway Pips great… And budgies are good you can teach them to talk! Fly through shapes and all sorts. But to be honest he’s just as hard to care for as a hamster, and I don’t mean to be disgusting but the amount of poo is unbelievable! On the Internet it says they don’t poo much, and are very clean. Think they’ve got the wrong bird!

So yeah, everything is great apart from the toilet issues and the fact that Sasha ( who i talked about in my first blog) is a little bit jealous… Yeah i know, i feel tight as well. Mum says she’ll get used to it, but what does mum know, she said budgies were clean!

Dude! by Jenny

You might think ‘why is the title named Dude’? Well its because my bunny is called Dude.  Actually he’s not my bunny as such he’s my brother David’s and his friends. He got it when he was at university, about 3 years ago, but now does not want him so we’ve got him at home.  If he was browner he would have been called poo (my brother and his friends are a little bit weird) thankfully he was a lighter colour so he was called Dude (I like that name better). He is a house rabbit, which are bigger than normal sized, even though he lives out side. It’s my Dad’s fault that he now lives out side, he wouldn’t let Dude live  inside because he chewed the wallpaper and stank a little bit. But now he is toilet trained. He is really cute and  has light brown fluffy fur. He is very friendly and likes to be stroked. I go out and feed him every day and he always hops fast when he knows I’ve got food (he likes food) This is a picture of Dude in the garden being held by me.

Dear Reader  by Adam

My week so far has been about average-which to me means nothing bad happened or nothing extra special-The best thing has probably got to be when my friend Thomas, who you all probably know, fell of his chair in Humanities after Stephen sneakily struck  Tom with a felt tip and even Miss.Klunder found it funny!!
Other than that Vishal Gohil was eating a jacket potato when suddenly a bird pooed on it but he got a brand new jacket potato which look a whole lot nicer but the thing was he had nearly finished the jacket potato when the bird pooed on it :(
Thanks and I will keep you all updated encase anything happens.


This article really shocked me! 
It turns out that students in Denmark are allowed to use computers during exams to research answers! No revision needed then! They are even allowed to be logged onto Social Networking Sites during the exam time, they are just not allowed to chat with their friends to find out the answers! 
Personally, I don’t think this is a very good idea because you can’t always trust the internet because anyone could put false information online and just make the website look professional! What’s the point in that though, the presenter said that it is preparing them for later life – using the computer, really? I suppose in a way it is teaching you something, how to use the computer, but isn’t that why we have IT lessons? 
Although it is teaching the students how to be resourceful. In the video it also said that the idea wouldn’t be coming to the UK anytime soon, I’m actually quite glad because I think it’s a bad idea!

I hope you didn’t find my blog too boring, I tried my best to make it as interesting as possible, even though the title might be a bit dodgy!


  1. I agree!I think its classed as cheating! They could pick up false imfomation on the internet.I surpose they are learning something though.

    From Jake Livesey-Gosling

  2. I have really enjoyed reading all your 'blogs', although when Jake explained his homework to me I was a little dubious, but it has been quite interesting.
    If not a bit animal orientated!

    Lisa Gosling.

  3. i was thinking that i probably wouldnt get a bird /budgie for a pet.And what youve said hasnt changed my mined i have heard tho theres funny clips on you tube about them

  4. These blogs are realy intresing to read about

  5. I love that you called your rabbit dude I wish I had called my hamster that instead of holly. I could of as well since in the end we figured out that it wasnt accutully a girl.

  6. I have really enjoyed reading all these blogs because they are all very interesting but Dude and a new friend are my favourite blogs as I love animals too.I have two hamsters of my own and they are called Poppy and Isabel.

    Ellie Lloyd 7k1


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